Published Works

Legal Articles

U.S. Intellectual Property Protection in the Blockchain Industry: Trends and Solutions (New York State Bar Association International Law Practicum, Vol. 31, 2018).

Blockchains, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies: What does it all mean? (The Indiana Lawyer)

Why Blockchains Won’t Disrupt Lawyers out of Their Jobs (Distributed Magazine)

Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee – Formal Opinion No. 1 of 2016 (Res Gestae, Indiana Bar Association)

New York Attorney General Launches Inquiry into Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Arizona Creates Legislative Sandbox to Foster Fintech Business Growth

A Regulatory Primer for Bitcoin ATM Operators – State Law & Regulations

A Regulatory Primer for Bitcoin ATM Operators – Federal Law & Regulations

Bitcoin ATMs: What They Are and How They Work

Legal Issues of Owning and Operating a Bitcoin ATM Business

FinCEN Cracks-Down on Yet Another Alleged Illegitimate Virtual Currency Exchange, Raising More Concerns for Legitimate Exchanges

Regulatory Pivot to Innovation and Technology will have Effects Beyond Insurance

Conference of State Bank Supervisors Sues U.S. Comptroller over Non-Bank Charter Rule

Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance Discusses Blockchain’s Impact on the Insurance Industry


Music Articles

Bass Musician Magazine: ‘Scoopaholics’ Anonymous: A Recovery Plan for Bassists

Former Contributing Author: Music for All Copyright/Licensing Website

Former Columnist: No Treble

Gear Review: ToneGear Bass String Cleaner

App Review: PocketGK

Gear Review: Way Huge Electronics Green Rhino MKII

How To: Adjusting Bass Pickups

Bass Pickups: A Guide to Formulating Your Sound (#6 NoTreble Article of 2010)

Cables 101: Instrument vs. Speaker Cables (#4 NoTreble Article of 2010)

Gear Review: TC Electronic BG500

Speaker Impedance: How to Properly Match Your Amp Head with Cabinets (#1 NoTreble Article of 2010)

Decoding Graphic Equalizers: Get Past “Scooping” Your Tone (#3 NoTreble Article of 2010)


Audio Recordings

Good Form Jack: Frogtown

Co-Producer: Seth Horan: Clang & Chime (2009, BMI)

Situs: The Fine Print EP (2007 HM Entertainment, BMI)

Situs: Make Us See (2005, BMI)




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